Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
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Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad
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Chocolate woolen bedspread Ystad

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  • 200x250 cm
  • 250x250 cm
  • 220x250 cm
  • 145x250 cm

37% wool, 15% acryl, 48% polyester


Chocolate Ystad bed cover

Just looking at the bed cover gives you a warm feeling inside. A deep shade of chocolate. This colour version of our Ystad bed cover is a great choice for those who like shades of beige and classic browns. The cold chocolate hue will go well with white, wine, turquoise, and all the colours of the earth if you are planning to arrange the interior in a Scandinavian style.

The bed cover is made of the highest quality woollen fabric and will live up to the expectations of everyone, including those who demand the very best.

Bed cover layout depending on the size:

Material and usage

The YSTAD bed cover made of wool of a Polish producer is available in four sizes.

The 250x250 cm bed cover is suitable for a 180/200 cm double bed. It has three stitches across dividing it into four asymmetric parts. Individual elements are combined with an overlap. In the lower right corner, there is a handmade badge with oneforme logo. Due to its square shape, it can be placed in any direction, obtaining thus an interesting, asymmetrical pattern.

The 220x250 cm Ystad bed cover is suitable for a 160x200 cm bed or a sofa. The bed cover is sewn from elements identical to other bed covers, but respectively smaller ones. At the bottom, it also has our oneforme logo badge.

The 200x250cm bed cover is also ideal for a 140x200 cm or 120x200 cm bed, hanging about 30-40 cm over the sides in an aesthetic way. Stitches are made in the same places as in other size bed covers.

The 150x250 cm bed cover can be used in two ways: to cover the end of a large bed or to fully cover a single bed, e.g. a 90x200 cm one. For this size of the cover, the stitches are inverted 90 degrees relative to other sizes. In the bottom right corner, there is our oneforme logo badge. The stripes that make up the bed cover are of the same sizes here.

How to wash woollen fabrics?

Fabrics made of natural wool require special care.

They should not be washed in water, but dry-cleaned. They should not be ironed and any creases should be left as they are until they flatten naturally. Steam ironing is allowed, but only from a larger distance.

In order for woollen products to keep their shape, they need to be dried laid out flat. Tumble drying, using bleaches or stain removers is not allowed.

Incorrect washing can cause wool to change its original shape and felt, resulting in the product losing its attractive appearance.

How to wash woollen fabrics?

All lovers of our woollen products should know that at the beginning wool can leave tiny fibres of fleece on other textiles, such as smooth bedding, giving them a slightly hairy look. This is why woollen bed covers should be placed directly on the bed and not on the bedding. After some time, the phenomenon stops and it should rather be considered one of the charms of natural woollen products. If this property of wool is not convenient for you, we recommend that you check our other products made of blends of cotton and other fibres.

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